Lubbock TX Restaurants That You Might Enjoy With Your Family

When in Lubbock, you’re going to eat well for sure. You’re going to find some excellent choices for restaurants, and I have four lined up for you. With over 500 to choose from, you’re certainly going to be looking at the cream of the crop. While I’ve already covered many in the top 50, here’s some establishments that serve up great meals and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Souper Salad is off of Slide Road and South Loop 289. Its known for its taco bar and many great menu items. Order up chili, pizza, spaghetti and of course, soups and salads. How about some soft serve ice cream for dessert? Souper Salad has quite the catchy name, too. It might be the stop you’ve been looking for with its eclectic menu.

What about some delicious Mexican cuisine? Tex-Mex in Lubbock can be found at many great restaurants, and Cantina Laredo is one of them. This dining establishment is located at 114 West Loop 289. Order up combo fajitas, house margaritas, apple pie and enjoy the chips and salsa on the house. People say that the restaurant features a nice environment for dining out. Reviews also point to excellent service.

Let’s look at another place to order a steak. Cagle Steaks is a rustic looking eatery located at 118 Inler Avenue. The bacon wrapped filet, ribs, cornbread, ribeye and more are waiting for you. The pinto beans are said to be self serve according to reviews, and I thought that was quite interesting. Cagle Steaks is a neat place, and people have lots of good things to say about it, including that it features a great atmosphere.

Teddy Jack’s Hub City Grill is one more top pick. Its location is 7205 Milwaukee Avenue, and it’s known for its fried catfish, pulled pork, cobb salad and more. What about some pizza and seafood or some onion rings? All of those great foods are on the menu highlights. Teddy Jack’s Hub City Grill features a nice happy hour according to reviews. If you don’t know already, the ‘hub city’ comes from the nickname for Lubbock TX.

That’s a wrap on Lubbock restaurants this round. If you’re thinking about venturing out for a bite to eat, you know where to go. There are some wonderful places that you will find when you make your way around the city. Hopefully you end up getting to try out at least one of these top picks.